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Meet some of our Buddies

Our first buddy - Jake with his new daddy, Jeff.

Sharing the game with your loving veteran's buddy - priceless!

Meet Jim-Bob, a young companion for a Marine veteran

Harley, Moonlight and Kilo - who look after their US Navy veteran mommy!

Beautiful Bella who looks after her daddy so well - and is much loved by all the family.

Meet Walter, a sweetheart who does his best to please, with his Navy veteran mom.

David Lyons Dog 1.jpg
Dot Dot Lyons crop.jpg
Nana Lyons crop.jpg
Little Man crop smaller.jpg

Brutus Lee, Dot Dot, Nana and Little Man - who love their veteran and his family!

Fancy Boxer crop.jpg

Sweet Sissy Roo - a Belgian Malinois service dog who helps her disabled Army veteran mom.

Lily Williams crop.jpg
Phil Williams crop.jpg

These beautiful seniors, Fancy, Phil and Lily, mean the world to our veteran and his family 

Harley Sikes cropped.jpg

Harley - just hanging out in his Navy veteran mom's chair!

Chloe and duaghters on couch crop.jpg

Dancing mom and daughters - who make their Army veteran mom smile every day.
Chloe, Cleopatra and Cherokee

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