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Helping local veterans and their companion animals

How we help

We are a non-profit organization, founded by a retired Army veteran,  that exists solely to help local veterans and their companion animals.


The health benefits of owning a pet are well known, and include reducing anxiety and depression, and blood pressure. Pets also help increase exercise and physical activity, and provide a renewed sense of purpose.

Their unconditional love and acceptance and lack of judgement means a lot especially to a veteran who may be lonely or suffering from PTSD.



  • Run a home delivery pet pantry for Carter County Veterans whose income is less than 150% of poverty guidelines 

  • Negotiate discounts for our program participants with businesses that provide pet services

  • Assist in finding and applying for grants when needed for pet related expenses

  • Use donations to fund our pet pantry

  • Are looking for additional donations to start a medical fund


>  Pet pantry for low income Carter County veterans - monthly home delivery of dog or cat food.

>  Discounts for program participants are available from: 

  • PetSense, Elizabethton

  • Big Johns Closeout

Click here to join our program

>> Our pet pantry for low income Carter County veterans is open.

If you were honorably discharged and earn less than $21,870 with a household of 1 person, or less than $29,580

with 2 people in your household then please contact us for more details.

 >> Want to see some of our Buddies? Just Click here  

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